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Selection of IT specialists for IT companies

Our team has the deep technical expertise required for the selection of IT personnel

We study the basics of programming, administration and management in IT, participate in conferences and just know how to google.
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We know how a business suffers during a protracted search

We know how business suffers during a protracted search for rare specialists:
  • due to downtime, deadlines or even the project are disrupted;
  • partners are not happy, your authority suffers;
  • the best personnel go to competitors in search of a more coordinated team;
  • You are losing potential profit.
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We will help you with the selection of the best personnel!

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Our mission

“Our mission is to free the business from the routine work associated with finding and hiring rare, hard-to-find specialists and, finally, help to focus on our main and product tasks.

Our goal is to find the best professional candidates for your company who are close in corporate spirit and values. "

Ksenia Kharisova, head of the ProTalent Center,
has been recruiting for more than 10 years.

Entrust us with the selection of IT talents for your company!

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