How to write a resume if you have no work experience?

How to write a resume if you have no work experience?

A well-written resume makes a candidate stand out from most other applicants and gives him a better chance of getting an invitation to an interview.

To create a resume you need:


One of the main rules is honesty; no need to lie about your work experience and your skills. It’s completely normal that you have no experience and minimal skills. After all, you, dear candidate, are just beginning your career path.


A resume is a business document that should have a clear structure and a standard form that is familiar to the recruiter’s eye. There is no need to try to write unusually and creatively. In most cases, candidates go too far and the resume becomes unreadable or childish. First of all, they look at the professional and personal qualities of the candidate. Sometimes it is desirable to be creative, for example, a designer. Then create such a creative resume in pdf. It can be attached to the standard one on the work website or sent through different channels with a cover letter.

Work experience.

As work experience, write the place of pre-graduation practice, the topic of thesis and course projects (these sections will replace work experience). Feel free to indicate part-time jobs and volunteering, even if they were not related to your specialty. If you visited forums during your studies, also indicate – this will show your activity and desire for development. Write out the section on education in great detail, do not abbreviate the name of the educational institution, faculty and specialty. If there is no experience, they will analyze your education. Don’t forget to write about your achievements and awards.


Specifically formulate the tasks you had to work on. Try to avoid long and general phrases.

About myself.

Tell me why you chose this particular specialty, what knowledge and skills you already possess, what you like to do, what you recently learned, how you learn new things. And, banally, who do you see yourself and how would you like to develop. Here you can write what kind of work schedule you are considering.

Covering letter.

Try to always write cover letters. Address the recipient by name. Do not duplicate information from your resume there. Ideally, your goal is to show in this letter why out of a hundred people they should choose you. Write how you can be useful to the employer, what qualities of yours will help in this. Don’t forget to attach your resume.

Resume structure

Briefly about what the structure of a resume should look like:

  • Heading: Full name, contact information, city, desired position.
  • Work experience (if any): starting from the last place.
  • Education. Even if it’s not finished yet, write.
  • Courses and certificates
  • About myself.

Your first business document is ready, now everything depends on your activity. Go for it! Good luck!

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